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In financial sphere we offer the following services:

Investment Adviser’s Services

♦ Investment consultations for enterprises;

♦ Selection of investment attraction alternatives;

♦ Selection of investors;

♦ Preliminary negotiations with potential investors on private or public placement of issues;

♦ Evaluation of the price of securities placement and efficiency of funds attraction through these securities;

♦ Working out the optimal market entry strategy;

♦ Consulting on acquisition and sale of integral property complexes and real estate entities;

♦ Consulting on leasing integral property complexes and real estate entities;

♦ Optimization of enterprises activities through reorganization (severance, merger, takeover);

♦ Development of feasibility studies of fund raising;

♦ Evaluation of companies and their market position;

♦ Evaluation of efficiency of capital investment attraction and financing;

♦ Appraisal of feasibility studies of projects;

♦ Calculation of cash flows and project efficiency ratios.


Dealer’s and Broker’s Operations:

♦ Acquisition of sets of securities by order at auctions for monetary funds;

♦ Purchase of shares of issuers using regional networks of agents;

♦ Saleof shares of issuers using regional networks of agents;

♦ Broker’s services for transactions with securities on the Ukrainian Stock Exchange and its branches;

♦ Purchase and sale of blocks of shares by order via the Electronic Exchange Trade System – the First Securities Trading System (FSTS);

♦ Transactions with bills of exchange and debentures.


Corporate Financing

Investment Portfolio Management

♦ The Client passes the full right to form and adjust his portfolio over to its portfolio manager. The Client carries out the control on the basis of the statements issued.

♦ The Client himself continuously supervises the process of managing the investment portfolio and adjusts investment decisions of the manager.


Presently AMC Must-Invest manages the assets of some funds, such as:

♦ Open Non-governmental Pension Fund «Ukrainian Pension Union»;

♦ Share Venture Investment Fund «Frunze-Invest».


Creation of individual investment funds and asset management of such funds


Individual investment funds for corporate clients may be interesting for the realization of the following targets:

♦ business process optimization (including tax optimization);

♦ realization of own investment strategy at the stock market;

♦ realization of own investment strategy at the real estate market;

♦ business projects realization.


Asset management of non-governmental pension funds

Asset Management Company MUST-Invest manages assets of Open Non-governmental Pension Fund “Ukrainian Pension Union” and offers to manage assets of other non-governmental pension funds.