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EnTechEco Ltd.


EnTechEco Company has been operating in the market of enterprise management automation systems since 1991. The Company employs over 150 people – these are software developers and implementation specialists, system analysts and database administrators, project managers and technical writers. Close contacts with scientific research institutions and leading design offices allow involving the best specialists in various areas into ongoing and innovative developments of the Company.

Prestigious certificates can also prove the high level of the Company’s developments.


The system of quality control over development, implementation and maintenance of software for enterprise management automation systems produced by EnTechEco Company has been certified for the conformity with the international standard ISO 9001:2000.


The automated control system for managing enterprise’s economic and financial operations – Financial Collection – which is a basic Company product, has been certified for the conformity with the national computer software quality standard (Ukraine State Standard DSTU 2850-94).


EnTechEco has the status of a Gold Certified Consulting Partner for the implementation of Infor | Extensity MPC system.


EnTechEco Company is a certified expert at the National Electric Power Regulation Committee of Ukraine.


EnTechEco Company offers the whole range of solutions for the automation of management of medium and large industrial enterprises:


♦ Financial Collection,Complex automated control system for managing enterprise’s economic and financial operations and resources;

♦ EAM control system of technical maintenance and repair services of enterprise equipment and capital assets;

♦ Automated system of strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, management accounting and control (Infor | Extensity MPC);

♦ United Classifier of inventory holdings – referenced data control system;

♦ ERP-system for automation of financial and economic and industrial activity of enterprises, MS Dynamics Axapta;

♦ Automation systems for enterprises of processing type production (energy, mining and processing industries, chemical-recovery, metallurgy, etc.) - “Raw material / fuel accounting”, “Shipped production accounting”, “Monitoring of corporation resources movement”.


The systems of EnTechEco Company embody the many years experience of their operation at dozens of Ukrainian enterprises and the entire Company experience in development, implementation and maintenance of.


EnTechEco Company develops and implements its automated control systems using the most modern approaches to the design of complex information systems based on the state-of-the-art computerized technologies, namely:


♦ Client-server architecture based on the application of the Oracle database management system, the most powerful and recognized industrial DBMS in the world;

♦ OLAP-, Web-technologies, many-dimensional data warehouses providing the managers of enterprises with formerly inaccessible possibilities in managing companies and corporations and increase of the enterprise global efficiency;

♦ Remote access technologies, which enable separate units of an enterprise to work with the system in real-time mode;

♦ GIS– technologies which assure more effective control of spaced and distributed units;

♦ Modularity of packages, which enables to start the automation of an enterprise from a specific operation;

♦ Open systems engineering technologies, which enable to integrate EnTechEco software packages into already existing systems at the Customer’s enterprise.


The systems developed by EnTechEco have been successfully used by the leading enterprises of Ukraine. Among these are the largest energy, engineering, building and construction, transport, by-product coke, telecommunications companies, multidiscipline corporations and NGOs: NEC “Ukrenergo”, OJSC “Tsentrenergo”, Uglegorsk Thermal Power Plant, Zmiev Thermal Power Plant, Tripolje Thermal Power Plant, OJSC “Donbassenergo”, OJSC “EC Dneprooblenergo”, HEGP–5 SC “Kievenergo”, Kharkov HEGP-5, OJSC “AES Kievoblenergo”, SC “Kharkovoblenergo”, OJSC “Zhitomiroblenergo”, OJSC “Odessaoblenergo”, OJSC “Sevastopolenergo”, OJSC “Khersonoblenergo”, OJSC “Khmelnitskoblenergo”, NE “Ukrenergougol”, OJSC “Donetskoks”, OJSC “Alchevsk By-product Coke Plant”, OJSC “KievMetroStroy”, NE “Kharkov Metro”, Kharkov Boiler-Mechanical Plant, Optima Telecom Ltd, SC “Concern AVEK and Ko”, NE “Pavlogradsk Chemicals Plant”, etc.


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