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In the sphere of boiler and turbine construction we offer the following engineering services:

♦ Engineering of boiler equipment is directed at creation of state-of-the-art boilers with improved technical, economic and environmental characteristics instead of old-fashioned boilers requiring large-scale replacement work with reservation of constructive infrastructure of boiler and boiler room or new boilers.

♦ Complex engineering of heat and mechanical part of thermal power plants directed at creation of technical solutions for the purpose of improvement of power and heating capacity of equipment reducing fuel consumption rate by optimization of flow diagrams at power plants.

♦ Engineering of turbine equipment directed to prolongation of operation life, improvement of efficiency and reliability, extension of overhaul period of existing turbine equipment.

♦ Complex design of boilers starting from concept development and up to creation of working documentation and production technology of boiler components.

The complete list of our engineering services you can find on the web-page of Kotloturboprom Ltd. and Central Design Office “Energoprogress”: