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Regulating Devices Ltd.


     Regulating Devices Enterprise is specialized in development, production, repair and assembling of hydraulic actuators, their elemental base, including large-expended actuating mechanisms (pumps, hydromotors, hydro power units, hydraulic actuators) which are widely used in control systems of metallurgical, energy, metal-working machinery, press-forging machines and other hydraulic complexes. Besides this, the company offers its services in repairing and testing hydraulic equipment, hydraulics components of both domestic and foreign manufacturing.


     The main activity of the Enterprise are complex works for the creation and implementation of hydro turbine digital speed governors, which allow realizing a modern digital control technology taking into account all situations emerging during the operation of a hydraulic turbine. Speed governors contain microprocessor control units, electrohydraulic actuators, large-expended hydraulic valves and actuating mechanisms with feedback systems.


     The Enterprise also offers repair services, test and start-and-adjustment of such hydraulic equipment as:


♦ variable and fixed radial piston pumps;

♦ variable and fixed axial-piston pumps;

♦ screw pumps for oil pressure units;

♦ wing pumps;

♦ hydraulic cylinders;

♦ proportional hydraulic control valves;

♦ control systems for variable pumps.


     The core workforce of Regulating Devices Ltd. is formed of the highly-skilled specialists with a long-term experience in creation, research, testing and start-and-adjustment of complex hydraulic equipment and control systems for different sectors of the national economy. The labour achievements of many employees are honored with government awards.


     Our specialists offer competent consultations and provide staff training of optimal use of hydraulic actuators and hydraulic system diagnosis.

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