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Open non-governmental pension fund «Ukrainian pension union»


     Open non-governmental pension fund «Ukrainian pension union» was registered in Kharkov in April, 2006.


     Fund mission:


     To guarantee social security, stability and deserved old age after retiring on a pension.


     Fund aim:


      Saving and accumulation of pension capital with its subsequent payment to the Fund members after reaching pension age. A member is an owner of his capital which can be also paid to his heirs.


     ONPF depositors are both private and legal persons - employers who make pension dues for their employees.




     For employers


     Staff aspect


♦ new possibilities of additional personnel motivation and, as a result, increase of labour productivity level;

♦ attractive economic and social conditions for highly skilled specialist involvement;

♦ stimulation of personnel rejuvenation, in particular, due to deserved pension payments to the persons of pension age;


     Financial optimization andtax remissions


     Participation in ONPF allows balancing:


♦ employer’s costs concerning payments of enterprise income tax: dues paid to funds refer to employee’s gross costs at the rate of about 15% from personnel wages;

♦ social charges to the fund of labour remuneration;

♦ ratio of cash and pension payments in the worker’s interests with maximal benefits for him and his employer.


     Investments attraction


     Participation in ONPF affords an opportunity of:


♦ partial enterprise refinancing due to the payments done in a pension fund by both an employer and an employee;

♦ partial enterprise refinancing due to the investment profit part of non-governmental pension fund.


     For employees


     Dues payment done by an employer on the behalf of employees provides:


♦ Creation of the additional pension security source advancing the growth of total return of an enterprise employees (wages + pension contributions);

♦ Possibility to accelerate forming of pension accumulations for the pre-pension age persons by the raised norms of pension contributions taking into consideration the interests of senior generation representatives and enterprise veterans;


     Example: A 30-years-old man begins to make contributions to ONPF at the rate of 100 UAH


Term of fees payment

Amount of monthly fees

Sum of fees actually paid for 30 years

Accumulated sum at the individual pension account for 30 years

30 years

100 UAH

36  000 UAH

227  932 UA


     Since pension resources of the individual pension account will bring investment return, so, a member will accumulate in 6, 33 times more than he paid actually.


     AMC «MUST-Invest» is an Asset Management Company of the Fund.


     Fund administrator is Parex Asset Management Ukraine Company, a part of Parex Group that is the biggest investment company in Baltic States with assets management of about 1 milliard euro.

Contact information


ONPF «Ukrainian pension union»


For foreign contacts:


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Fax:  +38044 253-95-30



ONPF «Ukrainian pension union»


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