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Leasing company MUST


     We offer you to take an advantage of modern and comfortable service of MUST-IPRA Corporation - leasing.


     Leasingis a form of crediting that gives to an enterprise an opportunity to get equipment (other means of production, including power equipment, automated control systems) in the use directly after concluding a leasing contract and to settle up gradually.


     According to a financial leasing contract (further – leasing contract) a lessor is obliged to purchase a seller’s (supplier) property as ownership in compliance with specification and conditions determined by a lessee and to hand over it for the use to a lessee for a certain period (not less than one year) for a fixed payment.




     Contribution in the development of Ukrainian enterprises by rendering services of financial leasing for the purchase of the state-of-the-art equipment and technologies.




♦ leasing increases the possibility to attract borrowed funds by a buyer not requiring from him a pledge or a surety (guarantee is a leasing object);

♦ advance payment amounts from 10 % depending on the object of leasing;

♦ rise in prices of a leasing object is from 6 % per annum;

♦ all necessary documents are processed not by client but by a leasing company (unlike a bank credit);

♦ there are no strict requirements to the financial condition of a borrower;

♦ beneficial taxation:


- a lessee includes leasing payments in production price diminishing a taxable income;

- fee for financial leasing is included in gross diversion;

- additional advantages depending on a leasing object;


♦ the leasing object cannot be fined by third persons, either it cannot be an object of tax pledge;

♦ a buyer charges an accelerated amortization and receives a tax credit for the whole cost of an object right away;


     We set long-range goals and arrive at them.


     Respect and mutual assistance are the basis of our cooperation.


     We value our clients and do not divide them into major and minor.


     Our proposals bring a profit to everybody: to our partners, our clients and us.


     We value our reputation much more than momentary income.




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