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     Asset management activity is one type of professional activities at the securities market and includes the asset management of institutions of joint investment (investment funds) and non-governmental pension funds.


     Asset Management Company Must-Invest is actually the successor of Investment Company MUST-Invest, which carried out its activity in times of certificate privatization. The Company took part in the privatization of regional energy distribution companies, major metallurgical factories, nuclear machine building factory, chemical industry enterprises, motor car construction, ore mining and processing enterprises and many other enterprises.  


     Presently AMC Must-Invest manages the assets of some funds, such as:


♦ Open Non-governmental Pension Fund «Ukrainian Pension Union»;

♦ Share Venture Investment Fund «Frunze-Invest».


     Asset Management Company MUST-Invest offers the following services:


     Creation of individual investment funds and asset management of such funds


     Individual investment funds for corporate clients may be interesting for the realization of the following targets:


♦ business process optimization (including tax optimization);

♦ realization of own investment strategy at the stock market;

♦ realization of own investment strategy at the real estate market;

♦ business projects realization.


     Asset Management Company MUST-Invest offers its corporate clients an opportunity to realize business projects by means of individual investment funds which suppose leaving such projects in 3-5 years.


     To every individual investment fund a skilled investment manager is assigned whose main task is to realize client investment strategy and to give consultations concerning investment process.


     This strategy was realized for the asset management of Kharkov ShareVenture Investment fund «Frunze-Invest». The fund was registered in SSMSC (Securities and Stock Market State Commission) in 2006. Fund activity term is 7 years. Paper issue volume of the fund amounts to 10 000 000 UAH.


     Asset management of non-governmental pension funds


     Non-governmental pension fundsare one of the basic investment sources of national economy. Unlike other investment institutions (banks, insurance companies, investment funds) Non-governmental pension funds represent the source of “the longest money”, i.e. the most long-term investments.


     Asset Management Company MUST-Invest manages assets of Open Non-governmental Pension Fund “Ukrainian Pension Union” and offers to manage assets of other non-governmental pension funds.


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