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Kotloturboprom Ltd.

Kotloturboprom Enterprise was created within MUST-IPRA Corporation and has been successfully working at the power market of Ukraine and CIS countries since 1998.

The main activity of Kotloturboprom Ltd. is rendering of services for design and construction of new power generation facilities, complex modernization and rehabilitation of TPP boiler and turbine equipment and piping, as well as production and supply of spare parts of power equipment for thermal power plants and heat power plants of industrial enterprises.

The enterprise offers whole range of services for:

Technical re-equipment, reconstruction and modernization of energy enterprises and energy supplying facilities:

♦ Complete examination of energy enterprises and heat- and energy- supply utilities of industrial enterprises in view of the preparation of offers for the prolongation of their life-time, reconstruction and modernization, feasibility studies;

♦ Development of design and engineering specifications for power equipment to be reconstructed;

♦ Design and construction of new generating facilities on the basis of combined cycles and traditional steam cycles, including on the premises of existing industrial enterprises;

♦ Turn-key reconstruction of power equipment of thermal power plants, heat power plants and energy-supplyfacilities of industrial enterprises;

♦ Complete overhauling of thermal power plants and heat power plants of industrial enterprises to enhance reliability and improve technical and economic ratios and the environmental indices of the power equipment performance;

♦ Solution of efficient cleaning of exhausting gases and of improvement of the environmental indices of the power equipment performance; complex supply of electric precipitators and modernization of regenerative air heaters.

Supply of power equipment :

♦ Manufacturing and supply of steam and hot-water boilers, auxiliary power equipment on the base of Kharkov Boiler Mechanical Plant, PLC, and in cooperation with leading power equipment producers of Ukraine, neighboring and far-off countries.

Kotloturboprom Ltd. also offers the creation of  “turnkey” complex automation systems for the automation of commercial and production activity of the enterprises of different size and complexity.

Today Kotloturboprom Ltd. is an equipment supplier to the biggest Ukrainian energy companies, metallurgical, chemical plants and other industrial enterprises.

Kotloturboprom Ltd. guarantees technically accurate and strategically planned offers, which will support your enterprise and create new opportunities for its growth.

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