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KharkovBoiler Mechanical Plant - more than 50 years in energy sector


     Kotloturboprom Ltd owns the control stock ofKharkov Boiler Mechanical Plant, which production base is used for the manufacturing of offered equipment.


     Kharkiv Boiler Mechanical Plant (KhBMP), JSC was created in 1952 and is specialized in manufacturing and supply of steam and hot-water boilers, piping, industrial power equipment, auxiliary power equipment and heat exchanging equipment.


     The enterprise is located in an industrial area of Kharkov city and has infrastructure necessary to solve large production tasks. The general area of the enterprise is 62000 sq. m., 38432 of which constitute workshops and office buildings. The area of plant industrial premises amounts to 33045 sq. m. Easy access to the plant is guaranteed by car roads and local railways.


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Kiev, 01021,

24/7 Institutskaya St., office 91

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Kharkov Boiler Mechanical Plant


Kharkov, 61036,

Energeticheskaya St., 11,

Tel.: +38057 738-13-77

Fax: +38057 719-43-43