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Investment Group MUST


     Investment activity of MUST-IPRA Corporation is carried out by the group of companies such as Investment Group MUST Ltd and Assets Management Company “Must-Invest”.


     InvestmentGroup MUST was established in August 1993; it was amongst the first to obtain a license of the State Securities and Stock Exchange Commission for pursuing professional activities in the securities market.


     Investment Group MUST has its own brokerage firm registered in 1993 at the Ukrainian Stock Exchange and Eastern Ukrainian Stock Exchange Center. It is the member of Electronic Exchange Trade System.


     Investment Group MUST provides a wide range of services in the stock and investment market of Ukraine.


     Investment Adviser’s Services


♦ Investment consultations for enterprises;

♦ Selection of investment attraction alternatives;

♦ Selection of investors;

♦ Preliminary negotiations with potential investors on private or public placement of issues;

♦ Evaluation of the price of securities placement and efficiency of funds attraction through these securities;

♦ Working out the optimal market entry strategy;

♦ Consulting on acquisition and sale of integral property complexes and real estate entities;

♦ Consulting on leasing integral property complexes and real estate entities;

♦ Optimization of enterprises activities through reorganization (severance, merger, takeover);

♦ Development of feasibility studies of fund raising;

♦ Evaluation of companies and their market position;

♦ Evaluation of efficiency of capital investment attraction and financing;

♦ Appraisal of feasibility studies of projects;

♦ Calculation of cash flows and project efficiency ratios.


     Dealer’s and Broker’s Operations:


     Investment Group MUST provides broker’s services in stock exchange and over-the-counter markets on all trading floors of Ukraine and handles all financial instruments including corporation shares, government and municipal securities, bills of exchange and bonds.


     A personal broker is assigned to every client. The former will supply the customer with a set of standard documents and explain all stages of the deal including all issues of taxation and re-registration of the proprietary rights to securities.


     The main types of services:


♦ Acquisition of sets of securities by order at auctions for monetary funds;

♦ Purchase of shares of issuers using regional networks of agents;

♦ Saleof shares of issuers using regional networks of agents;

♦ Broker’s services for transactions with securities on the Ukrainian Stock Exchange and its branches;

♦ Purchase and sale of blocks of shares by order via the Electronic Exchange Trade System – the First Securities Trading System (FSTS);

♦ Transactions with bills of exchange and debentures.


     Corporate Financing


Having the considerable experience and extensive opportunities accumulated in the course of operation in the stock exchange market Investment Group MUST offers its services in the field of corporate financing. Specialists of the Company shall carry out evaluation of the enterprise, preparation and placement of securities emissions, project financing and selection of investors.


     Investment Portfolio Management


Among the clients who entrusted us with management of their portfolios are credit banks, industrial enterprises and private persons. And we find an individual solution for everybody. It is the most important principle of our work.


Available management schemes:


♦ The Client passes the full right to form and adjust his portfolio over to its portfolio manager. The Client carries out the control on the basis of the statements issued.

♦ The Client himself continuously supervises the process of managing the investment portfolio and adjusts investment decisions of the manager.


Profit is calculated on dates stipulated in the respective contract by the method agreed upon with the Customer.


Investment Group MUST is continuously seeking new spheres of activities. Our customers may be fully confident that their orders will be executed accurately and on time.


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