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CFB boilers made in Ukraine – now it’s a reality!!!

January 18, 2012 in Barberton, State of Ohio (USA) between Babcock&Wilcox Power Generation Group Inc. and Kotloturboprom Ltd. of MUST-IPRA Corporation the signing of License Agreement for CFB boilers design and manufacture took place.

CFB boilers under Babcock&Wilcox (USA) technology and its features and a range of advantages:

-  High reliability;

-  Effectiveness while burning local Ukrainian coal;

-  High flexibility in load range without burning natural gas and oil (30-100%), minimal start-up and stoppage time;

-  Less dimensions at the same parameters (what means less weight of steel and refractory);

-  Simplicity in exploitation and maintenance;

-  High environmental characteristics – high efficiency in nitrogen and sulphur capturing (CFB technology does not require additional DeNOx and DeSOx systems);

- Simple automatic control of the boiler.

Moreover, this technology allows solving effectively environmental problems with combined generation of electrical and heating energy at TPPs and there is no need to build expensive DeNOx and DeSOx systems. The equipment manufactured using CFB Technology allows to switch from usage of high-priced fuel (natural gas and black oil). Saved energy resources could be relocated to other production activities and social sphere.

Implementation of state-of-the-art technologies in Ukraine allows solving at once two serious tasks - get rid of energy and technological dependence.

Today Ukraine has the unique possibility to design and manufacture these boilers at its territory.