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     MUST-IPRA Corporation was established in 1993 and consists of 24 enterprises. The corporation works in such fields as manufacturing, energy, finances, transportation, agriculture and trade.


     Particularly, in the energy sector the corporation possesses the following companies: Kotloturboprom Ltd. with control packet of shares of JSC Kharkov Boiler Mechanical Plant, Central design office “Energoprogress” (boilers and turbines) and Entecheco Ltd.


     MUST-IPRA Corporation on the base of the enterprises Kotloturboprom Ltd., JSC Kharkov Boiler Mechanical Plant, Central design office “Energoprogress” offers:


♦ Complex inspection of energy enterprises and of the energy units of industrial enterprises for the purpose to prepare the variants of their modernisation;

♦ “Turnkey” rehabilitation of energy equipment of thermal power plants, heat stations and the energy units of industrial enterprises.


     One of the main directions of MUST-IPRA Corporation is the creation of automated control systems. Presently, our company offers “turnkey” complex automation systems for the automation of commercial and production activity of the enterprises of different size and complexity. 


     MUST-IPRA Corporation develops and implements following systems:


♦ Automated system of dispatching control (ASDU);

♦ Automated system of control and counting of energy, different gas, steam and compressed air, hydrocarbon oils, water, heat (ASKUE);

♦ Billing systems (ASRP);

♦ Automated control system of technological processes of industrial and energy enterprises (ASU TP):


• Automated systems of blast-furnace production, by-product-coking industry, gas-purification workshops of ferroalloy plants, chemical plants and other;

• Automated systems of gas compressor units;

• Automated systems for thermal power plants;


♦ Automated systems for nuclear power plants;

♦ Automated system of fuel/ raw materials counting;

♦ Automated system of technical maintenance and repair services;

♦ Local and corporate networks.


     All stages of the development and the implementation of automated control systems are realized under the quality standards (certificate ISO 9001-2001).


     Our personnel is high-qualified specialists with many-years experience in the field of the creation of automated control systems of terrestrial objects and space vessels (Khartron Ltd.).


     The most important feature of our systems is the fact that they compare well in quality with western analogs, but they are much cheaper and could be easily adapted to the enterprises of any size.

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