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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!


     MUST-IPRA, an industrial and financial corporation, was established in Kharkov in 1993.


     From the moment of its foundation the Corporation has been dynamically expanding its structure and extending the scope of its activities. To date the Corporation managed to create a stable base of business partnership and cooperation both in Ukraine and beyond its borders.


     One of the Corporation priorities is to manufacture the equipment for the automation of power supply facilities, software and databases development and implementation. The highly-skilled specialists of the companies that form the Corporation, have developed hardware and software packages for enterprises of energy, metallurgical, oil and gas, chemical, engineering, transport industries, as well as for governmental authorities.


     For many years the Corporation has been operating in the field of power engineering by providing whole range of services for technical re-equipment, reconstruction and modernization of power-supply facilities and power equipment production and supply.


     The companies representing such Corporation’s activities as financing, investment, trading and security activities have achieved considerable results. In its work the Corporation also has been paying much attention to charitable and public activities.


     Amongst our business partners are Railways of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and the Baltic countries, Ukrainian undergrounds; the largest power generation and distribution companies, metallurgical and chemical plants and other industrial enterprises.


     One of the most important strategic tasks of the Corporation is to establish partnership relations with enterprises of Ukraine, neighbors and other foreign countries, as well as to implement new projects and activities.


     We are grateful to all those who are already cooperating with us and will be happy to find new partners.


     Respectfully yours,

     S. Anokhin


     MUST-IPRA Corporation

Contact information


MUST-IPRA Corporation


Head office:


Kharkov, 61024,

Gudanova St., 9/11,

Tel.:   +38057 714-02-26

Fax:  +38057 714-17-99





Representative office in Kiev:


Kiev, 01021,

24/7 Institutskaya St., office 91

Tel.: +38044 253-09-03

         +38044 253-71-21
         +38044 253-65-28

Fax: +38044 253-95-30


Manager of Foreign Development Department

Mr. Andrey Yeryomin